Relaxing while waiting

I heard something last week I am still laughing about.  Someone told me to relax while waiting for test results.  I was stunned at the time and wondered what planet they were on.  Lately I have been crying, and when I am not crying I am searching on Google for how many types of Lymphoma and Pancreatic Cancer a person can have.  Finally, after googling a nose bleed and getting more nauseous than I thought possible, I stopped.  I stepped away from the computer and tried to cure the never ending headache I have had for over a month now.

When this all started I went to a physician to see if there was something wrong with me.  I wasn’t losing weight and was working really hard (story of my life); however this time I felt tired ALL the time, and I was always moody.  My levels were way off.  Way, way, way off.  My insulin isn’t getting in the blood.  I have vitamin deficiencies.  One ultrasound turned in to a CT Scan, which led to a MRI, blood work and now an EGD with Biopsy.  Biology classes in college have nothing on the research I have been doing the last few weeks. 

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Going through it…

Lately, we have been going through some unexpected trials.  I could easily say that it is me and I am going through it, but that would be a lie.  I have the best husband. He completes me and really is my better half. He is going through it;  as are my family and close friends. Terms like cancer get thrown around and you find out how very different it is when it is you that gets tested and has to wait for results. Life can change in a week. You meet “the one” or you buy a house,  or maybe you unexpectedly lose someone; whatever it is, it happens suddenly.  Without warning happens every day, we don’t think about it unless it happens in front of us or in our periphery.

I have researched any diagnoses I caught the doctors saying this week. I wanted to be prepared. Nothing prepares you for someone handing over what the next week or month or what duration of life statistics looks like.

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Where I’ve been…..







I have been MIA lately for a reason….my wonderful husband is helping a dream come to fruition.  We now have an embroidery and monogramming store on Etsy that will hopefully materialize into a physical store one day! 

We have been working really hard to have something unlike any other Etsy shop with novel and creative ideas.  I am so proud and so happy about it! 

Just wanted to let you all know I have not fallen off the face of the planet! 


Baking Essentials

I will never forget the feeling I had when I came home last year with a new container of baking powder. I am not sure what it was about the simple purchase, but I felt like a real adult who was married as I put it away in my pantry. My husband laughed at how giddy I was that I had a recipe that called for baking powder and I had some….but it’s the little things!

I will include a picture from our first home where I took an entire section of the kitchen and called it my “baking island”…I take my cooking seriously! 


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Sunday Sitdown: Purging Negativity

At this time last year, I was someone who, like most, checked Facebook religiously. I would read a post that someone wrote and I would spend more time than I should complaining about that person. They partied too much while trying to pretend to be mother of the year, someone couldn’t let things go, and then there is my favorite…the person with the passive aggressive posts that hinted at who the post was about (kind of like I did above with the examples). After a while I realized it did nothing for me or my house, or any of my relationships. Nada. In a world full of Kardashian wannabes, I miss real. Real people who are confident despite how their braces look or how old their clothes are. Does Social Media cause such narcissism that we all think of ourselves as celebrities? I think so.


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